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Session goals

  • Understanding the distinctions between traditional and Creative Commons Copyright
  • Discovering OER materials in your subject area
  • Hands-on discovery

SUNY and CUNY have a strong history of openness and instructional innovation, including the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) to provide measurable impact on student success.

These workshops invite faculty, librarians, instructional designers, administrators, and other campus stakeholders to explore the possibilities of Open Educational Resources more deeply.

All skill and comfort levels with both OER and campus technology are welcome. Check your local campus resource center to find out opportunities or contact us. Find other options listed at the SUNY professional development site.

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These SUNY OER Community Courses will introduce you to the fundamental principles and effective practices related to Open Educational Resources. Throughout this learning space, you will have the opportunity to explore and discuss methods and approaches to finding, adopting, customizing, integrating, creating, publishing, and licensing OER. You will also have opportunities to connect in conversation with your peers, and work with OER advocates from the SUNY community who can help you along your learning journey.

Become a champion

The OER Champion Playbook equips you with great plays, strategies, and tools to help you achieve a significant impact on teaching and learning using open educational resources (OER).