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Whether you’re completely new to OER or wanting to take your current OER course to the next level, there’s plenty of help from SUNY OER Services, CUNY OER, and the broader OER community. Our expert faculty, instructional designers, and librarians love offering helping hands.

  • “You aren’t committing to using a new textbook, you are committing to being open to being open.”

    - Ryan Hersha, Corning CC

  • “I didn’t go into teaching to work for the bookstore or publisher. I went into teaching to help students.”

    - Amber Gilweski, TC3

  • “Using OER has challenged me to be creative in new ways, not just for myself, but with my colleagues.”

    - Ryan Hersha, Corning CC

  • “I see teaching as a public act. It no longer happens behind closed doors. We [teachers] need to be learning from one another.”

    - Chris Price, SUNY CPD

  • “The OER universe is a warm welcoming community who will challenge you.”

    - Alexis Clifton, SUNY OER Services

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You’re not alone. Our support teams can help you connect with the processes and techniques to be successful. Connecting you with others using and discovering OER in your discipline is a great next step. Use this form to tell us how we can help.

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