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SUNY and CUNY are expanding adoption of OER in high-enrollment, general education courses thanks to dedicated funding from Governor Cuomo and New York State.
  • Enable

    We enable easy integration of open materials into the classroom.

  • Support

    We work closely with local stakeholders to ensure essential support for faculty and students.

  • Community

    Our hope is to grow a community of practice around the discovery, use, and creation of OER in SUNY/CUNY.

  • Development

    We encourage the creation and development of new learning materials and digital scholarship.

Our People

Mark McBride

Mark McBride

SUNY Senior Library Strategist Library & Information Services

Tony DeFranco

Tony DeFranco

SUNY OER Services
Director of User Support Services

Cailean Cooney

Cailean Cooney

CUNY New York City College
of Technology,
OER Librarian, Comprehensive/Senior
College Advisor

Greg Gosselin

Greg Gosselin

CUNY Interim Dean for Libraries and Information Systems

Ann Fiddler

Ann Fiddler

Open Education Librarian

Jean maral

Jean Amaral

CUNY Borough of Manhattan CC
Open Knowledge Librarian, Community College Advisor

Michael Daly

Michael Daly

SUNY OER Services
Director of Operations

Erin Maney

Erin Maney

SUNY Senior Instructional Designer & Project Manager

Andrew McKinney

Andrew Mckinney

OER Coordinator

Amanda Wentworth

Amanda Wentworth

SUNY OER Publishing Coordinator


Innovative Instructional Technology Grants is a competitive grants program open to SUNY faculty and support staff across all disciplines. IITG has supported several OER initiatives.

OER is Innovation

In SUNY, IITG has supported dozens of projects producing new OER and several initiatives for implementing and scaling OER.

Visit the IITG Site

CUNY Grants

The Office of Academic Affairs funded grants to all CUNY colleges to implement course conversion to OER. This funding's purpose is to develop, enhance and institutionalize new and ongoing OER initiatives across CUNY.

All campuses received grants!

To be eligible for the CUNY Scale-Up Initiative, institutions had to commit to converting at least five courses to OER with five sections per course.

Read the Full RFP

OER Degrees

Eight CUNY and SUNY community colleges received AtD grants to integrate high quality OER in associate degree programs.

Learn More about SUNY, CUNY & Achieving the Dream

CUNY and AtD
SUNY and AtD

Achieving the Dream & OER

State Funding

This year, SUNY and CUNY were given $8 million by the state of New York to implement OER in high-enrollment, general education courses.


SUNY OER Services
SUNY Office of Library and Information Services
10 N Pearl St
Albany, NY 12207

CUNY Office of Library Services
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