OER Support and help

There’s so much to learn when attempting to assemble, introduce or author OER resources, fortunately there’s plenty of help. From faculty, instructional designers, librarians, or our forum on facebook, you’re sure to find a helping hand

  • “You aren’t committing to using a new textbook, you are committing to being open to being open.”

    - Ryan Hersha, Corning CC

  • “I didn’t go into teaching to work for the bookstore or publisher. I went into teaching to help students.”

    - Amber Gilweski, TC3

  • “Our job is not to make money off books. Our job is to be good teachers.”

    - Sophia Georgiakaki, TC3

  • “The textbook for the course is not the course.”

    - Dr. Eddie Watson

Connect with the OER community

These organizations all offer ways to learn and participate

How to engage with Support

  • Connector.

    Want to Adopt OER?

    Tell us about your course & needs and we will connect you with practices and people that can help you find and adapt existing OER courses.

  • Connector.

    Want to Adapt OER?

    Need something a little more customized? There might be multiple books, websites, and courses out there that will fit your needs. We will work with you to locate, select, and integrate the content that can best support your course objectives.

  • Connector.

    Want to Build OER?

    Have you written course materials you want to openly license and share? Are you looking to develop some new material to use in your class? We offer an easy to use platform where you can write, edit, collaborate, and publish! In addition, we connect you with support throughout the development process, coordinate peer review, and provide access to formatting and editing services.

Instructional and Library Support

OER Experts

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From curating resources to scaling OER adoption on campus, librarians are the backbone of the OER effort.

Find library support

Connect with the library support network to learn more about supporting OER through libraries.

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Instructional Designers

We know, as instructional designers, your support is essential to developing high quality OER courses.

Want to know more?

Click here to connect with resources to help you support your faculty.

Connect with Instructional Design